• Survey: Tell us why you do or don't offer reverse by MPA

    The qualifying age to receive a reverse mortgage is growing by the thousands daily, but the industry is still battling misconceptions and only penetrating 2% of the current market. That’s where you can help. Take our short survey to tell us why you do or do not offer reverse products.

  • JPMorgan CEO: U.S. regulators place banks under assault by MPA

    Are banks overly regulated? Jamie Dimon, CEO of the largest bank by assets, said the overlapping efforts by U.S. regulators have placed banks “under assault.”

  • More buyers going to credit unions for mortgages by MPA

    An upcoming competitor for non-bank mortgage companies could be credit unions, as the group has quadrupled their market share since 2006.


Should CFPB have more supervision over credit agencies?