Tavant launches machine-learning tech for Ellie Mae Encompass users

The new FinDecision product enables lenders to provide customers with more options and benefits

Tavant launches machine-learning tech for Ellie Mae Encompass users

Tavant has expanded its partnership with Ellie Mae with the launch of FinDecision for Ellie Mae's digital lending platform Encompass.

The new product utilizes machine learning and process automation to submit loan data with a single click to agency automated underwriting systems (AUS) and private investors. FinDecision provides lenders with a full view of operational benefits available to their borrowers.

As part of Tavant's AI-powered digital lending suite of products, VΞLOX, FinDecision also allows lenders to reduce downtime and cost while enhancing loan quality through automation. FinDecision automatically analyzes each loan file to verify eligibility for waiver and collateral, income, asset representation, and warranty relief benefits. It also pinpoints and flags the verified income details for each applicant within the loan file.

“We are committed to investing in technology that enhances the borrower experience and entitles greater efficiency, cost reduction, and speed to market,” said Mohammad Rashid, head of Tavant’s fintech practice. “We value our strategic partnership with Ellie Mae greatly. With FinDecision, lenders are able to provide customers with more options like appraisal waivers, reduce costs, and ultimately, close more loans, faster.”

“We are enabling mortgage lenders to thrive in the digital era. Our solutions provide loan officers and back-office teams with data and augmented intelligence and making it effortless to deliver the best possible borrower experience while maximizing loan performance in the secondary market," said Abhinav Asthana, head of product at Tavant. "FinDecision provides Ellie Mae Encompass lenders more transparency, allowing them to identify the loan that is most favorable to their borrower while cutting costs and closing loans faster.”