National MI extends integration with doc-management provider

The expanded partnership also automates the process for National MI’s DAR program customers

National MI extends integration with doc-management provider

National MI and VirPack, a provider of document management and workflow automation platform for mortgage lenders, have broadened their integration to allow direct transfer of loan documents to National MI.

The expanded integration enables lenders using VirPack to electronically deliver loan files for mortgage insurance underwriting directly to National MI.

Additionally, the integration includes a direct delivery process for National MI’s Delegated Assurance Review (DAR) program, along with other non-delegated programs.

“This expanded integration saves our DAR lender customers time, and increases accuracy by automating the process of document delivery,” said Norm Fitzgerald, chief sales officer of National MI. “It was designed to make the document delivery process as easy as possible in all of our underwriting channels.”

The companies initially teamed up in 2014 to create an interface that enables the automatic document delivery.

“We are excited to expand our partnership with National MI,” said Wayland Pond, chief operations officer of VirPack. “We worked together to build an interface between VirPack and National MI so lenders can use our one-click direct delivery technology with National MI’s DAR program. The automated application offers data and document validation directly within the user interface. Customers are alerted to any missing documents or data on each individual loan file.”