MeridianLink integrates loan origination software with Affordit tools

Integration provides loan officers with a detailed report for a “more transparent process”

MeridianLink integrates loan origination software with Affordit tools

MeridianLink has partnered with fintech firm Affordit to give users of its loan origination software access to new credit application tools.

Through the partnership, the Affordit Wallet Genie, and the Affordit Solution Based Outcome Report will integrate into the MeridianLink LoansPQ platform.  

“Loan officers using MeridianLink's platform will now be able to automatically generate specific actions to improve a customer's financial wellness and obtain a loan in the future,” Affordit said in a statement. “This report is produced in seconds, with no additional data entry requirements.”

Doug Glagola, vice president of enterprise solutions for MeridianLink, said the Affordit’s proprietary technology also enhances LoanPQ’s loan origination software, providing loan officers with “a detailed report that will make for a more transparent process.”

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“MeridianLink has been helping loan officers find lending options for applicants for many years,” Glagola said. “Affordit is bringing a tool to our offering that will strengthen this process for everyone involved.”

"By combining the Affordit proprietary technology with MeridianLink's platform, we'll be in a position to help a larger number of loan applicants access capital through transparency and actionable solutions to improve their financial wellness," said Kevin O'Brien, CEO and founder of Affordit. "At the heart of Affordit, this is our mission. We aim to help loan applicants access the capital they need to improve their lives."