Home Captain launches hub for customer retention products

The company aims to create brand loyalty on a scale not yet seen in mortgage services

Home Captain launches hub for customer retention products

Following its recent acquisition of Redefy, fintech firm Home Captain has rolled out a new suite of products and services that helps mortgage companies increase customer engagement and satisfaction.

Home Captain has launched the Home Captain Hub to its portfolio of over 40 lender and banks customers. The Hub is a conversion optimization system, which combines technology and human services to increase revenue events, recapture customer relationships, and provide industry-leading NPS scores. 

Additionally, the Hub offers products for portfolio retention, artificial intelligence lead engagement, loss mitigation, and customer propensity modeling.

"We listen to our customers and have the ability to quickly respond with targeted solutions. The Home Captain Hub removes friction from the home buying, selling, or refinancing process, which creates brand loyalty on a scale that I have not seen yet in banking or mortgage services," said Grant Moon, CEO of Home Captain.

The company expects to complete the adoption of the Home Captain Hub by the start of next year.