Eastern Union is hiring mortgage brokers for $1,000 a week

But it's not just the money, the commercial real estate brokerage also offers a tested training system

Eastern Union is hiring mortgage brokers for $1,000 a week

Real estate finance firm Eastern Union is urging people to consider a career in commercial mortgage brokerage.

The company, which is one of the biggest US commercial real estate lending firms, announced Wednesday that it is hiring mortgage brokers who will be compensated at $1,000 a week once they finish its 90-day, “boot camp-style” broker training program.

“Our tested training system for incoming brokers has a proven record of success,” said Ira Zlotowitz, founder and president of Eastern Union. “Eastern Union is making this substantial financial commitment to our broker recruits because we know how well our training infrastructure will prepare them for real-world success.”

Eastern Union is also enticing mortgage professionals with the promise of a six or even seven-digit salary. The CRE firm said that many brokers are able to earn annual incomes ranging from $150,000 to $500,000 within a few years of starting their careers with Eastern Union.

The company claims its brokers earn commissions of up to 75% – the highest commissions paid in the commercial real estate space. Brokers can also choose to either work remotely with flexible hours or work from its offices in New York, New Jersey, or Maryland.

“We encourage you to consider a career in commercial mortgage brokerage,” Zlotowitz said. “Eastern Union provides every recruit with a well-structured support system. We’ll give you all the preparation you need to be a high-performing mortgage broker.”

Eastern Union started its hiring spree early this year. The move came as the firm try to keep up with the rush of owner and investor demand for the refinancing of multifamily properties.