Advisors Mortgage Group

Office address: 1411 Highway 35, Ocean, NJ 07712
Year established: 1999
Company type: financial services
Employees: 400+
Expertise: mortgage lending, FHA mortgages, conventional mortgages, VA mortgages, USDA/reverse mortgages, first-time homebuyer mortgages, Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac seller/servicer
Parent company: N/A
President and key people: Steven Meyer (president), Sean Clark (VP), Steve Kaliff (VP), John Thompson (branch operations manager), Alexander Roberts (operations specialist), Amanda Maxted (branch operations specialist), Kelly Ragan (marketing director)
Financing status: N/A

Advisors Mortgage Group, headquartered in Ocean, NJ, is a mortgage services company that provides multiple loan options and mortgage solutions. The company is licensed to operate in 34 states, with more than 400 employees and 41 locations across the US.

History of Advisors Mortgage Group

Advisors Mortgage Group was founded in October 1999 by an individual loan officer. Advisors started its journey in a 400 square foot office in Shrewsbury, NJ but in over two decades, it has expanded its operations in multiple states.

In 2005, the Federal Housing Authority recognized Advisors Mortgage Group as a Full Eagle FHA Underwriter. This designation enabled the company to increase its loan volume by approving a broader range of loans.

Products and Services of Advisors Mortgage Group

Advisors Mortgage Group provides a suite of products and services that cater to the different needs of its clients. These include:

  • loan officer support: options for homeowners looking to refinance and secure better mortgage terms
  • cash out: solutions for clients wishing to leverage home equity for financial flexibility
  • renovate a home: specialized loans designed for home renovation projects
  • reverse mortgage: financial products aimed at older homeowners seeking to convert part of their equity into cash
  • fixed-rate mortgages: offers stability with consistent monthly payments
  • adjustable-rate mortgages (ARM): features lower initial rates with potential future adjustments
  • FHA loans: provides loans with lower down payments, aimed primarily at first-time home buyers
  • VA loans: specialized loans available for veterans and their families, offering favorable terms
  • jumbo loans: caters to clients purchasing high-value properties with larger loan amounts

Culture at Advisors Mortgage Group

Advisors Mortgage Group conducts its businesses while upholding certain values, such as care, collaboration, respect, diversity, and inclusion. The company has an environment that promotes professional growth and personal wellbeing while providing staff with employee benefits that include:

  • competitive salary packages
  • comprehensive benefits: including company-sponsored life insurance, medical, dental, and vision insurance, holidays and PTO, and a 401(k) plan
  • continuation of education
  • work/life balance support
  • national sales conferences
  • family events and other gatherings

Advisors Mortgage Group also supports the community through the charities and other outreach programs they participate in. The company engages in activities, including:

  • NEADS World Class Service Dogs
  • Free Wheelchair Mission
  • Trees for Troops

About Advisors Mortgage Group President Steven Meyer and Key People

Steven Meyer acts as the President of Advisors Mortgage Group. Meyer has over two decades of working for the company, supporting its growth and maintaining its family-oriented culture. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Susquehanna University.

Key personnel supporting Meyer include:

  • Sean Clark, the VP, is dedicated to spearheading strategic initiatives and promoting business growth within the company
  • Steve Kaliff, also a VP, handles critical operational aspects to improve service delivery
  • John Thompson, the branch operations manager, is committed to maintaining operational excellence across all branches
  • Alexander Roberts, an operations specialist, leads the charge in innovating loan processing and enhancing customer service
  • Amanda Maxted, a branch operations specialist, supports branch activities with an emphasis on compliance and operational efficiency
  • Kelly Ragan, the marketing director, sets the marketing strategies that enhance the brand’s presence and engage clients effectively

The Future at Advisors Mortgage Group

Advisors Mortgage Group aims to leverage new technology and tools to streamline and enhance the mortgage process for their clients. Additionally, the company is committed to continuous improvement and education, both for their clients and their team. They maintain a strong educational focus, providing resources and workshops to help clients understand their mortgage options thoroughly.

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