How Rocket Mortgage and Rocket Pro TPO are elevating the entire broker community

by Rocket Pro TPO03 Mar 2021

When QLMS rebranded to Rocket Pro TPO in September, it explained that brokers would be able to leverage the Rocket brand to boost awareness of mortgage brokers across America. The lender’s efforts in the first two months of 2021 have exceeded the expectations of the broker community.

When Rocket Mortgage aired two different Super Bowl commercials, LOs nationwide were thrilled to see that one of the spots – which starred the superstar comedian Tracy Morgan and featured San Diego Chargers defensive end Joey Bosa – emphasized the importance of seeking out a local independent mortgage broker.

The nation’s largest broadcast audience, with nearly 100 million viewers, saw an ad for the first time that was focused on the hard work LOs do to assist Americans in achieving their dream of homeownership. This was the only national ad that focused on brokers and the response from independent mortgage professionals across the country was overwhelmingly positive.

“It gave us an advantage. I have this major mortgage company behind me, and they get things done fast and treat people like people,” said Mitch Milat, a loan officer at Riviera Financial. “Rocket really promoted the value and benefit of working with a mortgage broker. It was really well done, and I greatly appreciated it because it truly supported what we do on our side of the business and demonstrated they have our back.”

Just weeks before the Super Bowl, Rocket Mortgage and Rocket Pro TPO announced they would be doing something else to benefit the entire broker community. They created a national mortgage broker directory that lives on, a site that sees nearly 115,000,000 visitors annually.

It is clear that Rocket has an intense focus on enabling LOs to leverage the most recognizable brand in mortgage origination to boost their business – something that is so crucial during a time when the market is red hot. It is helping establish new partnerships and relationships for brokers across the nation.

“As I watched the directory roll out, I knew this was going to help us and within two weeks one of the largest builders in our community, Keystone Custom Homes, called us up and asked to do business with us,” said Tom Bayles, owner of Mortgage Craft. “No-one has done that before, just called us out of the blue and said ‘Hey, we want to know more about you. Would you like to be one of our preferred lenders?’”

The directory is a huge help because it is listed by brokerage, not by individual LOs, so when consumers search their zip code, they get a greater variety of options in their area and more prominent placement for all shops. This is a game changer for the entire community – but especially those who launched their business recently.

“It is pretty impressive when you tell someone to go to this huge company’s website because they’re promoting brokers and when you search Orlando, Florida – where I am located – my brokerage shows up as the fifth option,” said David Cash, president and owner of The Money Broker. “It gives me much-needed credibility and gets my foot in the door with potential referral partners who will send their clients my way. This made me legit when it came to finding clients shortly after starting my business.”

Overall, the broker community is coming to understand the benefit they receive when partnering with the nation’s largest mortgage lender and Rocket Pro TPO. They receive greater awareness, a resource where consumers can find them on one of the most visited websites in the mortgage industry and an opportunity to align with national marketing campaigns – something no other lender offers.

“I am glad to be in a position where I am able to be successful by building off the success of the Rocket family, meshing my talent with your business, and creating my own brand based off of Rocket’s,” said Cash.