• Leadership and the blame game by MPA

    As a leader in your organization, it can be very easy to become a finger pointer. But instead of blaming and chastising, how can you help your people improve?

  • Rate snapshot: Home sales spike, MBS down by MPA

    MBS prices were down this morning, and new home sales spiked in August. All this and more in today's rate snapshot

  • 19,000 mortgage jobs get the axe by Ryan Smith

    Lenders like JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America continue to cut a swath through their mortgage departments, handing thousands of employees their walking papers

  • Non-QM loans offer opportunities for brokers by

    With the advent of the CFPB’s qualified mortgage rule in January, many originators worried that QM restrictions would deal a deathblow to their businesses. But with the proper precautions, there’s no reason why non-QM loans can’t be a profitable channel for brokers

  • Real estate crowdfunding platform receives major financial boost by Rachel.Norvell

    A multimillion partnership marks two Los-Angeles based companies’ foray into residential rehabilitation lending

  • Reverse isn’t ‘the loan of last resort’ anymore by Ryan Smith

    One of the stumbling blocks faced by the reverse mortgage industry has been that, in the past at least, consumers saw reverse mortgages as a last-ditch effort to meet living expenses. But that’s changing as the more financially savvy Baby Boomers become eligible for reverse loans


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