• Buyer confidence keeps pending home sales growing by MPA

    Pending home sales slightly improved in November and are above year-over-year levels for the third straight month, something Lawrence Yun, chief economist at the National Association of Realtors, says is due to buyers' confidence in the economy.

  • Mortgage lender aims to get rid of loan officers by MPA

    In an effort to squeeze out origination costs, this lender said it wants to keep the entire mortgage lending process online. Could this be the future of mortgage lending?

  • JPMorgan to pay $500M for shoddy mortgage bonds by MPA

    In yet another settlement, the largest U.S. bank has reached an agreement regarding the sale of almost $18 billion in shoddy mortgage securities it sold during the financial crisis.

  • Ask the Expert: Rookies or seasoned pros, which do I hire? by MPA

    One reader asks: "It appears that most of the loan officers in the industry are older like me and many have lost their drive due to the issues we have faced in the past. I have tried a few rookies, but my success rate is even lower. I know I must expand my sales staff, but what advice do you have?"

  • Affordable homes lag behind in home price recovery by MPA

    Affordable homes are lagging far behind higher-priced homes in the home price recovery, trailing the furthest behind their pre-crisis housing maximums. Black Knight Financial delves into why.

  • What oil prices actually mean for home prices by MPA

    The recent plunge in oil prices could cause home prices to slip in the oil-producing markets and rise in others, but how long will it take to happen?


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