• Bank head used TARP dollars to buy FL condo by Ryan Smith

    A former Missouri bank chairman is facing up to a year in federal prison after he admitted to using federal bailout funds to buy a vacation home

  • Housing prices take foot off the gas by Adam Smith

    Home prices are still rising, but the some of the heat has come off the market as price gains slow

  • Big bank can't get lawsuit dismissed by Ryan Smith

    Bank of America just can’t win. A federal judge has refused to dismiss a Department of Justice lawsuit against the bank, even as BOA saw its own suit against the feds thrown out in a separate case

  • FDIC lawsuit tossed by MPA

    A federal judge has thrown out Bank of America’s lawsuit against the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

  • JPMorgan to pay millions to billionaire over MBS breach by Ryan Smith

    JPMorgan has been ordered to pay millions of dollars in damages over an MBS deal to one of the richest men in the world

  • Mortgage jobs slashed nationwide by Ryan Smith

    After a huge hiring boom in the first quarter, the mortgage industry saw massive layoffs in Q2 due to declining delinquencies and stagnating refinancing activity


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