• How to specialize for success by Doren Aldana

    Doren Aldana shares how specializing in one key area can catapult you to origination superstardom in part five of the Top Secrets of Superstar Originators

  • Buy-to-rent set to surge, eroding home ownership by MPA

    The buy-to-rent sector is set to grow from $17bn to $100bn over the next several years, a new report has claimed

  • Top secrets of superstar originators #5 by

    Almost all Superstar mortgage professionals are very good at one thing. They become the best of the best at that one thing. They eat, drink and sleep that one thing. There is no one in the world better at doing that one thing. They can do that one thing with two hands tied behind their back. They are the Expert on top of the mountain… at that one thing.


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