• Survey of Economists Finds Fears of New Bubble by

    More than 100 forecasters in a national survey said they expect the home values to reach an average of 5.4 percent year-over-year and that current Federal Reserve policies post some risk of re-inflating the housing bubble.

  • Some Big Mortgage Lenders Never Learn by

    Bank of America and Wells Fargo may be headed back to court in New York. According to a news item on CNBC, the New York Attorney General is preparing a lawsuit against these two heavyweight mortgage lenders for multiple violations of the historical National Mortgage Foreclosure Settlement Agreement of 2012.

  • The Home as ATM Paradigm Has Not Returned to the Market by

    The United States economy has a long way to go even as home values rise and the job market improves.

  • A Difficult Road Ahead for Edward DeMarco's Replacement by

    Public officials and housing analysts are closely watching President Obama's pick to lead the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), particularly with regard to the future stance on mortgage forbearance and principal reductions of home loans guaranteed by the U.S. government.

  • USDA Rural Refi Pilot program slammed by

    The USDA Rural Refinance Pilot program, launched in February of 2012, has drawn criticism from mortgage originators who say there is no profit to be made from the loan.

  • Help your clients beat cash investors on home purchases by

    Investors may be snapping up the sparse number of homes on the market, but close realtor relationships and savvy personal, customer service skills can be the ticket to helping financed borrowers win over a cash buyer.


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