• Did Real Estate Investing Peak Last Year? by

    Have real estate investments peaked? After years of growth during the Foreclosure Era, investment purchases declined slightly last year after surging 64.5 percent in 2011. With the cost and competition to buy distress sales growing and prices for normal homes rising, will investors pull back and start cashing in their assets?

  • Nothing to Fear from Zombie Houses by

    Are zombie houses where the monsters live in the latest Resident Evil sequel? Or are they fraternities decked out for Halloween? Neither.

  • Why Every Realtor Needs a Tablet Device by

    The iPad and other tablet devices appear to be designed especially for salespeople. These days, being a successful Realtor requires more than just a smart phone and a nice SUV. Having a tablet to take on property showings with prospective buyers is essential for successful Realtors in the current market. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Houston Real Estate Surges on Foreign Interest by

    As I’ve noted in prior posts, foreign interest in U.S. real estate has been exceptionally positive for the housing market. While post-recession interest from foreign entities has focused near exclusively on boutique property listings, major finance entities have nevertheless been particularly keen on America’s urban property. Norway’s Sovereign Wealth Fund invested $600 million in commercial property throughout Boston, New York, and Washington, DC, largely out of anticipation of their exceptional value growth potential. Considering that trinity of East Coast cities are nationally recognized as job hubs, it’s likely that Norway’s Sovereign Wealth Fund was staking claim on areas whose job growth outlook would run in tandem with property demand.

  • Inventories are Turning the Corner in Runaway California Markets by

    The hottest housing prices in the nation at last are encourage more sellers to list their homes, promising more sales and cooler price hikes in the weeks come.

  • Big Mortgage Lenders Rush to Present More Evidence in Court by

    Attorneys and corporate legal teams representing more than a dozen major mortgage lenders and investors in the United States rushed to Federal District Court in Manhattan during a cold Tuesday night to file a last-minute pleading in a case that could push Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase and other financial giants to shell out billions of dollars to settle investors' claims.


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