• Tax Deeds & Liens Investing Explained For Real Estate Investors by

    I am sure that you've been up late one night and caught an infomercial that touted that they picked up a single family home $432.00 or something ridiculously low compared to it's market value in a tax sale or via a tax lien certificate . If you are interested in investing in tax-distressed properties, you should take the time to develop learn more about the tax-distressed real estate investing niche and the different investing options out there. For example, did you know that different states are categorized as either Tax Lien States or Tax Deed states?

  • Could Expanded Credit Boost the Recovery? by

    It’s clear that thus far in 2013, the housing market has sustained the recovery that began gaining steam in the latter half of last year. The housing recovery has been so comprehensive that as of last December, homes gained the greatest in value year-over since 2006. While gains have not been too drastic, there are still no premonitions of a slowdown. That being said, there has been at least some consideration as to whether demographic or fiscal factors will emerge down the line and decelerate gains in the housing sector. Granting that value growth seems set for the immediate, what, if anything, could be utilized to encourage sustainable market gains?

  • Agents Demand Faster Closing Times by

    Most real estate agents want mortgage originators to close their home buyers’ mortgages in 30 days or less—50 percent faster than the national average closing time—according to a new national survey released today.


Should CFPB have more supervision over credit agencies?