Samantha Gale

Judges revealed for Hall of Fame 2021

Meet the industry leaders who will comprise the judging panel for the prestigious industry award

The voice of expertise

As the CEO of CMBA-BC, Samantha Gale has established herself as one of the industry’s leading sources of knowledge on all things regulatory

Challenges continue for Canadian first-time homebuyers

New data shows the federal government’s incentive program has failed to address key issues

Are higher education standards required for brokers?

Three industry leaders weigh in on current broker education levels

The bill that could spell trouble for private lending

CMBA's Gale says Senate proposal would be "a bad idea all round"

BC industry bodies warn buyers against making unconditional offers

Buyers encouraged to "seek a clear understanding of the risks associated with these emerging trends"

Canadians make up almost a third of this year's Mortgage Global 100

Canadians prove once again they are at the vanguard of the industry

Anti-money laundering measures target Mortgage Broker Act

After last week’s bombshell reports on money laundering in British Columbia, the expert panel that prepared one of them wants the Mortgage Broker Act completely overhauled

FICOM issues warning to brokers

The Financial Institutions Commission (FICOM) delivered a warning to mortgage brokers last Monday: Public scrutiny has never been greater.

The best of intentions

The CSA’s new syndicated mortgage proposal reveals a startling lack of understanding about how brokers handle these mortgages, writes Samantha Gale