How to Achieve Work/Life Balance While Increasing Your Income: 5 things to look for in an employer

by MPA24 Aug 2016

While achieving work/life balance is widely viewed as a positive thing, the fact is, not all businesses are sincere about helping their employees accomplish it. In the mortgage lending industry in particular, with its frenetic pace and compliance hurdles, some lending organizations are more focused on production than the people who are producing for them.
At the same time, no one should sacrifice their earning potential to striking this balance. The belief that employees must put in 60 to 80 hours per week to be viewed as serious lending professionals worthy of substantive compensation has not entirely gone away. So, how does a person attain the proper work/life balance without kissing a decent income goodbye?
There are a number of things you should look for when weighing mortgage lending career opportunities against earning potential and lifestyle considerations. To find out what they are and other important information that will help you make career choices that will truly benefit you, download this informative white paper today.


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