AIME leader to step down for Broker Action Coalition role

Move will take place at end of March

AIME leader to step down for Broker Action Coalition role

Association of Independent Mortgage Experts (AIME) chairman and chief executive officer Katie Sweeney (pictured) is stepping down from those roles to take up a new position as co-founder and chief executive at Broker Action Coalition (BAC), the association has announced.

Sweeney, who was promoted to AIME’s CEO role in January 2021, will focus exclusively on public policy advocacy and political activities on behalf of the mortgage industry at the helm of BAC, which functions as AIME’s grassroots network and broker-legislator conduit.

The move, which is set to take place on March 31, arrives following AIME’s announcement of an additional BAC leadership team to further its legislative efforts. A selection committee has been put together to appoint Sweeney’s replacement as CEO.

The association said its advocacy initiatives would be represented by BAC moving forward, with AIME continuing to provide member services including consumer education, recognition within the industry, and networking opportunities to the independent broker community.

Sweeney described the expansion – which will see BAC amplify its efforts to raise and manage funds for the Broker Action Coalition PAC, BACPAC – as a “natural evolution” for the Coalition, aimed at providing strong representation and advocacy for the broker community.

“For decades the wholesale channel has been craving representation and leadership that can be the driving force behind legislative progress for independent brokers nationwide,” she said.

“As an independent organization, BAC will be 100% committed to representing our community through state and federal policy reform, regulatory and agency change, and industry innovation to better the industry and help more homebuyers become homeowners.”

BAC’s leadership team is also set to include chief advocacy officer Brendan McKay, AIME’s former president of advocacy, with a focus on growing membership and expanding donors and programs.