PRMI lends helping hand to kids in Jamaica

More than 30 PRMI employees recently flew to Jamaica to help out 79 kids living at the SOS Children’s Village there

More than 30 employees from Salt Lake City based Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. (PRMI) flew to Montego Bay, Jamaica to aid 79 children living at the SOS Children’s Village. The international organization was established to protect vulnerable children and ensure that every child grows with love, security, education and respect.  The group from PRMI was headed by Chief Executive Officer David Zitting.

PRMI employees planted fruit trees, shrubs and a garden, painted homes, served food and provided early Christmas gifts to the children and caretakers. The children reciprocated their thanks by hosting a tennis tournament and gifting Jamaica pins to all PRMI employees who helped that day.

“It was a beehive of activity with our teams vigorously unloading fruit trees and shrubs, digging holes for plants, applying fertilizer and painting buildings,” said Steve Chapman, chief financial officer of PRMI.  The group also gave a fresh makeover of paint to the tennis court and playground area.

The SOS Children’s Villages are a non-governmental and non-denominational organization that respects all religions and cultures and works with trusted partners in needed places where they can contribute to social development and prepare the children for an independent life.

“We are honored that SOS Children’s Village hosted PRMI this Christmas season,” Zitting said. “The ability to help these children and their caretakers has been an experience we will not forget and we look forward to continuing our relationship with more SOS affiliates in other countries.”