UMortgage introduces sales coaching program for loan originators

Program designed to help LOs develop their sales playbook and winning mentality

UMortgage introduces sales coaching program for loan originators

UMortgage has announced the launch of its Level Up Sales Coaching program – an initiative that aims to increase consistency, confidence, and production for its loan originators.

According to its Press release, the program matches UMortgage loan originators with a dedicated coach to teach sales strategies and develop a winning mentality that enables them to grow their businesses. The company has enlisted 16 of its top producers to teach sales strategies and lead the new coaching program.

“This project is the culmination of months of work and preparation to help our loan originators improve in every aspect,” said Tyler Hodgson, UMortgage executive vice president of growth and Level Up sales coach. “This UMortgage exclusive sales development program focuses on accountability, mentorship, and strategy-sharing from some of our top originators. We’ve developed amazing technology and programming to offer our LOs more insight and transparency into their actions and results.”

UMortgage said it has been developing the Level Up platform to allow participants to track their activities and goals, with access to “intentional coaching” by Volentum CEO René Rodriguez.

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“When we were originally ideating Level Up, we used to think its purpose was to help our loan officers simply close more loans,” stated Sam Abazari, director of coaching at UMortgage. “After months of development, Level Up is all about teaching individuals to constantly do +1 activities. We want to enable all our LOs to achieve the business they want so they can have the life they want.”

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