Rocket Mortgage launches new mortgage platform for realtors

New Rocket Pro platform delivers in-depth mortgage insight to real estate agents

Rocket Mortgage launches new mortgage platform for realtors

Rocket Companies, a top mortgage originator and parent of Rocket Mortgage and Quicken Loans, has released Rocket Pro Insight, a new platform that keeps real estate agents up to date on their clients' mortgage status.

"Rocket Pro Insight is the latest innovation in a long line of FinTech tools we have created to improve the experience and give added confidence to our clients and their partners," said Jay Farner, CEO of Rocket Companies.

The platform – available via Rocket’s website and mobile app – enables agents to track their clients' progress throughout the loan process, access the terms of the loans, and get updates about the closing date. Additionally, Rocket Pro Insight allows agents to adjust their client's approval letter within the client's approved range – a valuable tool when negotiating offers.

"There is no doubt real estate agents are crucial in the home purchase process," Farner said. "They are the homebuyer's ally and partner from beginning to end. For that reason, we created Rocket Pro Insight – to arm these professionals with the tools they need to get more clients to the closing table with ease."

Rocket Mortgage borrowers have to grant their realtor access to the Rocket Pro platform. With the client’s approval, agents can then create an account and get linked to the home buyer's mortgage within minutes.