Redfin allows Californians to buy a home without a real estate agent

A new program will allow customers to buy Redfin-listed houses without needing to contact a buyer’s agent – potentially saving sellers thousands in commissions

Redfin allows Californians to buy a home without a real estate agent

Homebuyers in California will now be able to buy a home without a real estate agent through a new Redfin program.

Redfin has launched its Redfin Direct service in most of its California markets, including Los Angeles, Orange County, Freson, Inland Empire, Palm Springs, Sacramento, San Diego and Santa Barbara. The program allows homebuyers to visit and buy Redfin-listed properties without needing to contact a buyer’s agent.

“With Redfin Direct, buyers can make their offer more competitive by saving the seller from paying thousands in commissions to a buyer’s agent,” Redfin said.

Under the program, buyers can tour Redfin listings with the company’s Book It Now and Direct Access technology. Book It Now allows buyers to schedule a home tour online. For homes that the company owns through its RedfinNow business, buyers can utilize Direct Access, which allows them to unlock the door with their phone and tour the home on their own schedule, without the need for an agent. When buyers are ready to make an offer, the Redfin Direct offer tool guides them through the process.

“Redfin Direct is a new way to buy a home for people who are confident making an offer without an agent,” said Mark Bennett, Redfin’s state broker in California. “In a multiple-offer situation, helping the seller avoid paying a buyer agent commission is one way to make your offer stand out. For the buyers who are comfortable being unrepresented, we are making it easy to make an offer online. This is just one more way Redfin is redefining real estate and helping our customers save money.”

For a median-priced home of $650,000 in Los Angeles, sellers could save up to $26,000 by listing with a local Redfin agent and selling to a Redfin Direct buyer, according to Redfin.