Maxwell adds new services to digital mortgage platform

Small and mid-sized lenders can now access Maxwell's underwriting and closing services through the platform

Maxwell adds new services to digital mortgage platform

Digital mortgage platform Maxwell has added underwriting and closing services to its digital mortgage platform.

The additional services bolster Maxwell Fulfillment Platform, the company’s suite of technology and outsourced services for small and mid-sized lenders.

“Lenders are in a ‘pig in a python’ situation right now, so it’s not surprising that the demand for embedded fulfillment solutions is high,” said John Paasonen, CEO and co-founder of Maxwell. “Beyond that, the needs of small to midsize lenders have not traditionally been served by technology partners. We are on a mission to help small and midsized lenders grow wildly successful businesses.”

“Few, if any, small and midsize lenders can sustain the right balance of skilled labor,” Maxwell President Brian Simons said. “Enough to handle demand, but not so many that you sacrifice margin and all who are skilled and experienced individuals.”   

Lenders can now access Maxwell’s underwriting and closing services through the Maxwell Fulfillment Platform on a white-label basis, with all outsourced personnel functioning as an integrated part of the lender’s operations team.

“Our lender clients constantly tell us they want Maxwell to provide end-to-end fulfillment services because they know they’ll get technology and service that far exceeds any solution they’ve tried in the mortgage space,” Simons said. “After launching our fulfillment platform with processing services to rave reviews in May, this was a natural progression. We’re looking forward to growing our family of solutions, which are redefining the mortgage process and experience for borrowers, lenders and settlement service providers.”