GoPrime Mortgage branches out in 2 new housing markets

The lender strengthens its foothold in Kentucky and expands to New Jersey

GoPrime Mortgage branches out in 2 new housing markets

North Carolina-based GoPrime Mortgage has announced the opening of new branches in Kentucky and New Jersey.

"We couldn't be happier to further our footprint in Kentucky and expand to new states, like New Jersey,” said John Rodgers, CEO and president of GoPrime Mortgage. “These branches are experts in their local markets and knowing that competition can become a big factor in their business, we provide them with some of the best back-office services in the industry to give them even more of an edge."

GoPrime Branch Manager Christopher Strauss will lead the branch in Haddonfield, N.J., while Ben Minton will oversee the Corbin, Ky., branch.

"I want to work with people to help identify and achieve their financial goals to make sure they're aligned with their life goals,” Strauss said. “My job is not to simply write a purchase loan or refinance. It's to empower my clients with the knowledge they need for financial freedom. I guarantee they won't meet anyone as passionate about securing their financial position as I am."

"We had our first closing yesterday, and we were blown away with every aspect of the company,” Minton said. “Every single person we've talked to has been nothing but exceptional to us and genuinely seems interested in helping and making things as smooth as possible. We know, without doubt, we are now in the right place. We look forward to all that is to come."