Fintech company Tavant launches homebuying platform

Venture capital firms have already invested over $30 billion in the platform

Fintech company Tavant launches homebuying platform

AI-tech company Tavant has launched a new homebuying platform called Proptech.

The Silicon Valley-based firm launched the platform to address the increased demand in the real estate industry. In 2019, over $30 billion was invested in Proptech companies from venture capitals, according to Tavant Chief Revenue Officer Hassan Rashid.

“Tavant’s expertise in the fintech and mortgage industries is marked by one in four mortgages in the United States touching its platform," Rashid said. "Tavant Proptech empowers key players with intelligent, digital technologies, including industry leaders such as Opendoor,, and a few others in stealth mode to boost business efficiency."

Proptech features Tavant's digital technologies and machine-learning capabilities, which streamline functions such as home search, iBuying, appraisals, property automated valuation model, real-time data validation, and more.

“The real estate industry has been resisting the latest wave of technology innovations, and thereby adopting digital transformation efforts at a much slower pace. We are delighted Tavant Proptech is at the forefront of this emerging sector. Today's businesses must adapt to the changing global environment for higher efficiencies, improved margin, speed-to-market, and cost-savings,” said Rashid.