rolls out upgraded mortgage platform

New marketplace modernizes pricing and portfolio management for GSEs and investors rolls out upgraded mortgage platform

Online homeownership company Better has announced a partnership that aims to make the mortgage process faster, cheaper, easier, and more equitable.

Better has joined forces with Palantir, a software company specializing in operating systems, to launch a proprietary loan platform called Tinman Marketplace. According to its Press release, the platform will “move the mortgage industry from archaic rate sheets and 200+ eligibility PDF files to a rich interface on top of Better’s existing investor/pricing matching engine.”

Additionally, the Tinman Marketplace will help government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) and other government agencies “rebalance their portfolios” and “meet their equitable housing and finance goals.”

“This will make it easier for GSEs and mortgage industry investors to make richer and deeper data-driven mortgage capital allocation decisions,” Better said in a statement. “For the first time, simultaneous changes to pricing and eligibility criteria will allow capital to flow into underwriting attributes that are more than the traditional GSE Loan Level Pricing Adjustment grid.”

Better CEO Vishal Garg commented: “The marriage of Foundry and Tinman will permit a GSE to identify portfolio rebalancing opportunities and almost instantly identify the specific points to target to ensure optimal pricing and credit with ease and new speeds not seen in the mortgage market. This type of tool is a key step in achieving a fairer and better housing finance market.”

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“Equitable access to homeownership is exactly the type of complex, data-driven problem Palantir was built to help solve,” said Shyam Sankar, chief operations officer of Palantir. “We’re excited that Better has selected Palantir as the operating system to build its next generation of tools on and to support Better in offering their platform to GSEs and other private portfolio managers to identify and rebalance their loan exposures.”