One innovative way to build client relationships in the winter

Real estate agent delivers winter 'survival kits' to clients

One innovative way to build client relationships in the winter

In the increasingly competitive world of real estate, building and maintaining relationships with clients has never been more important.

But in the winter months, something as simple as a bag of ice melt can make a difference according to real estate agent Chris Jenkins.

Jenkins is an agent with The Franklin Group in Utah and delivers the ice melt as part of a winter survival kit for his clients.

"I've gotten a lot of positive reactions from my kits, and even delivering to remote locations is worth it as I just got 2 referrals from a past client," he says.  "I have clients from Logan to Provo, so planning my trips is very important as I can only load so many bags at once in the back of my SUV.”

Among his other tips for keeping one step ahead of competitors, Jenkins says he uses the RealtyJuggler CRM software, which helps him keep track of his winter kit deliveries among other things.

And he says that, while his wife wasn’t too keen to have a garage full of ice melt, the product has proven to be a hit with his clients.

"Branded things can be awkward as they often don't get used.  I think ice melt works better as they keep it on their front porch – it becomes a talking point for any visitors to their house and makes my clients into advocates for my business."

While buying ice melt may prove costly right now, Jenkins shares one more piece of advice for real estate agents who may want to emulate his idea.

"I first got the idea when I saw ice melt on sale for pennies on the dollar at my local hardware store after snow season was over.  I bought all they had,” he said.