Do you have the necessary tools to perfect your craft?

New tools give originators a clear-cut advantage in today's competitive marketplace

Do you have the necessary tools to perfect your craft?

Whether you’re Michelangelo sculpting David with a chisel or Manny Machado fielding a baseball with his well-oiled Rawlings glove, elite performers require great tools to excel at their craft.

At New American Funding, those exceptional tools are known as the GoGo apps, which comprise GoGo LO, GoGo Partner and GoGo Home. Together, they give the company’s Loan Originators a clear-cut business advantage in today’s competitive marketplace.

The introduction of GoGo LO marked a new way of doing business for Loan Originators. No longer would they have to be tethered to their office to manage their pipeline, preapprove clients, pull credit, sign 1003s, stay in touch with their key contacts and perform a multitude of other vital tasks and functions. They could do it all on the go – wherever that happened to be – all from the convenience of their smartphone.

The company further sharpened the GoGo LO tool when it rolled out a new featured called Agent Intelligence. With it, New American Funding Loan Originators can track all the top Real Estate Agents in their market and the Loan Officers they’re currently working with. They have the ability to filter information dozens of ways, viewing production numbers from highest to lowest, by unit volume, dollar volume, individual deal size, buy- or sell-side transactions, etc. Given this eye-opening view of the market, the Loan Originators compete for business in strategic new ways.

GoGo Partner
With GoGo Partner, Real Estate Agents working with New American Funding Loan Originators no longer have to wait for a phone call, text or email to be brought up to speed on what’s happening with their client’s loan. GoGo Partner gives them real-time updates on exactly where that loan is in the loan process. They can also set action reminders for every key loan stage and pull up all the key contacts responsible for successfully moving the transaction from that first pre-qual letter through funding.  

Real Estate Agents can also use GoGo Partner’s electronic sign-in feature at their open houses to capture all their attending guests. This list gets automatically uploaded to their growing list of prospects to whom they and their New American Funding Loan Originator can begin sending their favorite cobranded marketing collateral. These cobranded materials, distributed in push-button fashion, are a boon to Real Estate Agents, who don’t always have the time or wherewithal to maintain a consistent marketing schedule.

GoGo Home
With more than half of all homebuyers starting their home search online and more than 90% of all buyers turning to the internet at some point in their home-shopping process, New American Funding knew it had to develop an industry-leading search tool that gives buyers a clear, real-time window into every market they are considering for a home purchase. That tool is GoGo Home.

With GoGo Home, house hunters can shop the MLS 24/7 for home listings that get refreshed every 15 minutes. GoGo Home also gives New American Funding Loan Originators and their Real Estate Agent partners an added edge because the houses that shoppers pull up are branded with only their contact information.

Far from being a one-and-done suite of apps, GoGo is more like one-and-just begun! Developers based on New American Funding’s Tustin, California, campus, are constantly issuing new features, updates and enhancements that GoGo to help the company’s Loan Originators and their many Real Estate Partners become even more dominant in their markets.

If you want to sculpt your future with an outstanding mortgage lender that understands all the tools you require for success, then contact New American Funding today.