Attacking the Facebook Algorithm

Is your content being overlooked?

Attacking the Facebook Algorithm

If you’re someone who is on Facebook fairly often, or you’ve been a part of the Facebook community for a few years, then you’ve probably noticed that you’re not seeing every single post. Facebook used to display posts on your timeline in chronological order or based on the time that they were posted, but then changed their ways. Unfortunately, you can now only see the most popular posts, or posts that have the most engagement. From the perspective of a mortgage company, it’s time you realize that less than one percent of your followers are seeing your posts organically. It has become imperative for businesses to attack the changes to the Facebook algorithm in order to ensure their content is not only being seen, but being seen by the right audience. 

Why It Matters
What some mortgage professionals don’t realize is that social media is about relationship building, and allowing you to build loyalty over time. In other words, it is not for advertising, unless of course you’re paying for those advertisements. Facebook in general is a great way to engage with potential homebuyers, answer their questions, and build brand loyalty so that they choose you in their future homebuying process. It’s important to not push the sale on social media platforms. I repeat: It’s important to NOT push the sale on social media. You’re there to be a prospective homebuyer’s go-to expert, and to demonstrate reasons why you’re the right loan officer or mortgage company for them. As a whole, free marketing on social media is one of the easiest forms of marketing that exists. Simply provide homebuyers with the right content and they will like, comment, and engage on your posts. In turn, moving you to the front of everyone’s news feed.

How It Works
Facebook has over two billion daily users, which means you have over two billion users at your disposal, ready to view your content. However, Facebook is making it impossible to reach all users, which is why you have to find ways around their latest algorithm. To put things in perspective, imagine having 100,000 followers on Facebook. The Facebook algorithm causes only 1,000 of those 100,000 users to see your posts organically. Facebook is a business and want to acquire your advertising budget so they will do what they can to make it so that you have to pay for users to see what you have to say.  In that sense, they are doing everything they can so that you have to pay to market on their website. However, there are always ways around the rule.  In short, you will have to market to potential homebuyers without directly saying that. While that may not make sense, we are prepared to explain how you as a mortgage expert can go about attacking the updates to Facebook’s algorithm.

Getting Around It
In order to avoid your content from getting blocked by the Facebook algorithm, avoid engagement bait. Engagement bait is commonly known as using phrases such as “click here,” “comment below,” or “like this post.” While you probably thought that these terms would bring your company more engagement, Facebook actually penalizes you. Instead, try asking questions that will inspire your audience to respond and engage with you. You could say something like, “Let us know what you think”, ultimately sparking up a conversation with homebuyers. This way, you will get the engagement you need for your post to become visible without directly telling your audience to interact with you.  It’s always a plus to post content that isn’t overly salesy, making readers want to share, comment, and like your content. Again, free social media posts are for relationship building, not advertising! In addition, we have learned that Facebook will prioritize content that keeps users on their platform. Therefore, it’s best to avoid links or anything that will pull the user away from Facebook. 

As many people in the mortgage industry probably have already heard, video content is also being prioritized across all social media channels. However, it is crucial to recognize that this does not mean sharing a Youtube video will gain your loan officer more exposure. In fact, you’re more likely to be penalized for this on channels like Facebook, because Facebook and Youtube are competitors. In this case, video content refers to videos that are native to Facebook. Whether it be a live video, or you’re directly uploading a video to Facebook, your post will be prioritized. Also, due to users swiping through their feed quickly, content that is short really excels.  It has to grab the attention of your everyday user so they will stop to read or watch.

All in all, attacking the Facebook algorithm won’t be so scary once you get the hang of it.  It’s important to recognize these steps so that your mortgage company’s efforts don’t go unnoticed. Follow the Facebook rules and guidelines, and you’ll be sure to reach an overwhelming majority of potential homebuyers that you didn’t even know were out there.

Joe Pekula is the marketing manager at WebMax. He has worked in graphic design, advertising, and marketing for over 10 years with exceptional experience in various industries. At WebMax, he brings the company’s vision to life through content, design, and all of the brand’s initiatives.