How one originator doubled his volume past $200 million

He grew his business by over 130% in a single year

How one originator doubled his volume past $200 million

In March of 2019, Ryan Purpero (pictured) told MPA he would close $200 million that year. This would be no small feat considering in 2018 the mortgage loan originator at US Bank in Newport Beach, California, had closed $98 million after transitioning from another bank. He was shooting for an impressive 100% increase in a single year.

At the close of the year, Purpero had done $226,058,011 in total volume. He had grown by over 130%.

Purpero attributes that success to his team, his system, and intentionality on his part. He started in the industry making outbound calls at a brokerage. In transitioning to a bank he’s sought to stand out in his field. He’s taken serious, disciplined steps to set himself up for success, working every day with key goals in mind. He’s built strong relationships with the best realtor partners in his area and worked to develop a reputation for excellence. In the process, too, he has found satisfaction in far more than the lifestyle the mortgage industry can deliver.

“I think my intention sets me apart,” Purpero said. “The intention is where it started, I wanted to become a market leader and be seen as a leader in my marketplace, not just as a part of it…I help my partners achieve their own goals and that’s more impactful than just dropping off flyers at their open houses.”

Purpero uses the tools of his own success to help his partners succeed. He helps his realtor partners and the other four members of his team do ‘vision boards,’ an exercise that helps set goals for people as they think more clearly about what they want out of life. 

Offering that service to partners has been key for Purpero’s business, which is all self-sourced and mostly based on referrals with a focus on purchases.Whereas in his younger days he spent countless hours making outbound calls, with almost 20 years of industry experience under his belt he now has clients, prospects, financial advisors and realtors calling him. He’s built a team of three mortgage loan associates to help the process and has a pipeline manager capable of serving as his junior. Within that five-person team, Purpero is the sole originator.

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He believes the meteoric growth he enjoyed in 2019 was the product of systems and strategies he and his team spent years developing. He’s worked with a professional coach to critically analyze his business and drive efficiency wherever he can. Within his small team, Purpero has developed a system that can handle upwards of 40 loans per month.

He began his career at 19, handing out cookies his mother had baked and approaching clients and prospects with “polite persistence.” Purpero’s intentionality and discipline served him well in those early days when presence was so important to success.

While the prospect of a great lifestyle attracted a young Purpero to the industry, he has grown to love helping his clients obtain the American Dream of sustainable homeownership. “I feel true satisfaction when clients tell me I made the process easy, comprehensible and most importantly enjoyable” Purpero said.

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While intentionality was the start of Purpero’s journey, he believes hard work and great partnerships have taken him over that $200 million line. A line he expects his team is set to cross again this year, on course to exceed $300 million.

“Everything starts with intention,” he said. “You can’t just slip and fall into being a great athlete and you can’t slip and fall into becoming a great originator. It must start with the intention, the dream of trying to hit this specific number. I’ve always worked hard, but it was only when I truly aligned my processes that I was able to achieve my goals. I am at an institution that really supports my business. It’s become more about everyone else, as opposed to ‘look at how hard I work’ or ‘look what I’ve accomplished.’ The real difference is that I work with the best people in the industry. The best realtors, the best team, the best management and the best bank. That’s been the game changer.”