Loan originator
Age: 29 
Years in the industry: 5

Ben Stoodley is a prime example of how the real estate industry
welcomes people of different educational backgrounds, as long as
they have the entrepreneurial spirit (and some math skills). “After completing my undergrad and grad studies in civil engineering, I was 100% sure that I couldn’t sit in a cubicle and take orders from someone else,” Stoodley says. “Real estate allowed me to build my own business. The financial/investment side of real estate was a great fit, as it compiled skills I had learned from structural/construction engineering, [spending] many hours completing complex math problems.”

Stoodley has had an entrepreneurial streak since he was 13 and working as a landscaper. He remembers the rough start he had when he first moved to California five years ago and had to live out of his truck, but he credits his current success to the mindset he gained from that experience. Apart from his role at Lantzman Lending, Stoodley now heads a fix-and-flip startup with a partner, helping investors realize the need to finance upgrades on their properties through hard money lending.
Company Information
  • Company Lantzmen Lending
  • Head Office 11696 Sorrento Valley Rd, Suite 201 San Diego, CA 92121
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