Top lenders ARIVE for brokers

by Power Originator10 Dec 2018

ARIVE, the new platform for independent mortgage brokers, is set to launch January 1st, 2019, and it already has a host of top mortgage lenders invested in its success.

AFR Wholesale, Caliber Home Loans, Flagstar Bank, Home Point Financial, Paramount Residential Mortgage Group, Stearns Lending, and United Wholesale Mortgage have all signed contracts to appear in the ARIVE lender marketplace. These initial lender partnerships comprise nearly half of wholesale market share combined, and will potentially put the pressure on others to follow suit.

“We’re thrilled to be joined by this exceptional group of businesses for our initial launch,” said CEO Joseph Cicali in a statement. “This speaks to the desire of the industry to work with independent mortgage experts. We’re incredibly thankful to the people and companies who are taking an interest in making mortgage work the way it should. Ultimately, we all want to serve the borrower, and ARIVE is designed to help independent originators and lenders do just that.”

Announced at AIME Fuse in October, the ARIVE platform is a fully-integrated user experience, acting as a LOS, POS, CRM, pricing engine, and more, with lender connectivity and digital document storage. Navigating between the many systems and programs that independent mortgage brokers use requires a lot of time and effort, and Anthony Casa, president of Garden State Home Loans, ARIVEd at the conclusion that something had to be done about it. (Sorry, the ARIVE puns aren’t going to stop any time soon.)

The platform was designed so that with one login, a broker can transact in one place, eliminate manual data entry between systems, and eliminate all of the separate lender portals that exists today. ARIVE also serves to give independent brokers, many of whom run small, family shops, the ability and access to the same technology and services as bigger lenders, thereby boosting their business potential.

“Opening up the platform with so much support makes it apparent there’s a need for an up-to-the-minute tech solution for independent mortgage originators, and we’re excited to be the ones providing it,” said SVP Katie Sweeney in a statement. “We’re creating a platform that will assist in the overall growth of the wholesale space.”

Brokers and lenders can still pre-register for ARIVE ahead of the launch on January 1, 2019.