Ask The Expert

by Dave Hershman05 Mar 2019

Part III: I am having a harder time meeting real estate agent because they are never in the office. Usually, they work out of their homes. How can I meet them? —James from Oregon

Once we have done the research and an introduction is in place, it is time to set up a meeting. Even though you may have been introduced through a previous client or other close contact, and they are "obligated" to speak to you, I would still try a soft approach. If they are a productive agent and already have a relationship with an originator, they are not looking forward to the meeting. You might start with this lead-in:

“Sally speaks highly of you and your reputation is well known within the industry. I would love to get your advice as to what your strategies for success are in this market.”

People loved to be flattered and love to give advice. Get them talking about their success and their relationships. It is there where you most likely will see an opening which might lead to a longer-term relationship. Perhaps you have another common contact or they can introduce you to their financial planner. The deeper you go with them, the more likely you will wind up doing business together. They key is asking questions, getting them to open up and then recognizing the opportunities to help them with their business, or even with their personal life. Even if you don't succeed, learning their strategies will be helpful to relate to other real estate agents. —Dave

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