Achieve Your 'A' Game with Agent Intelligence

by New American Funding20 Aug 2018

In school, you might have been taught that to get more “A’s,” but maybe you needed to get more “F’s”? F’s for: Fundamentals + Follow-Through = Fabulous Future. You can apply that same winning formula to your loan origination business.

The fundamental tool you need to start transforming your business is Agent Intelligence from New American Funding. Featured inside the company’s industry-leading GoGo LO app, Agent Intelligence will literally help you pinpoint every top-producing real estate office and real estate agent in your market.

At its core, Agent Intelligence operates on the principle that before you can master your market, you have to know the market better than your competitors.

The fundamentals
After opening Agent Intelligence from your GoGo LO app, you will see a road map of real estate offices indicated by red push pins. Click on a pin and instantly see every deal that office has done over a certain period. Drill down further to see which agent brought in each deal – whether it was a buy-side or a list-side transaction, and what kind of financing was used to complete the deal.

You also have the option of starting your intelligence-gathering by clicking directly on the real estate agent rankings, sorted by state or region. Highlight a top agent in your market, viewing his or her production totals in dollars and units, as well as the kinds of properties they specialize in.

Agent Intelligence also reveals the name of the corresponding loan office and Loan Originator on every deal the Real Estate Agent has closed. In seconds, you can determine whether certain real estate offices funnel their business to a few preferred originators or if they spread their business around. 

The follow-through
Once Agent Intelligence has provided you with all this invaluable information that used to take days or weeks to compile, your task is now to put it to maximum use – the follow-through.  

Knowing the M.O. (method of operation) the agents on your radar have been using to close their deals, you are in the perfect position to approach them about your products and services that can increase their business. Every agent is looking for that special edge, and if you can provide it, you’ll win their business.  

Because of the “inside” information you hold, you can better control the conversation and presentation, melting away any objections to your offers and proposals.  

You may not win all their business overnight, but what you will always win is their respect and admiration for being prepared and knowing the ins and outs of their business as well as they do, if not better.

You can also use Agent Intelligence to measure and benchmark your performance against other competing Loan Originators. Are you falling short, are you pulling ahead? Wherever you land in the rankings, you now have a game plan for following through and achieving your production goals.

Achieving a fabulous future as a Loan Originator is as easy as practicing the fundamentals and following through – effing things up to reach your “A” game. Agent Intelligence is your ticket for accomplishing both.


Agent Intelligence, of course, is just one of the many go-to options you’ll find on the GoGo LO platform, the all-in-one, push-button mobile app from New American Funding to help you manage and grow your pipeline and better serve your clients and real estate partners.

E-sign docs, launch your latest email campaign, create co-branded flyers, promote an agent’s open house on social media, instantly send a client a full property profile, all with GoGo LO.

However far you want to take your loan business, GoGo LO can take you there. To get GoGo LO on your smartphone call us today! And for your free Agent Intelligence demo, visit


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