Let this tool show you the money!

by New American Funding07 Aug 2018

All great Loan Originators know that if they focus first and foremost on building better relationships, the money will follow!

So, from this point forward, pledge to put:

  • Relationships before revenues
  • Mastery before money
  • Significance before salary
  • Commitment before commissions, and
  • Quality before quantity

And there’s a tool offered exclusively by New American Funding to help you do exactly that – and it’s called Agent Intelligence, a fantastic new feature on the GoGo LO app that will immediately put you into relationship-building mode.

Rev up your relationships
After opening Agent Intelligence on your smartphone, you can immediately home in on the top real estate offices in your market.

Once you identify an office you might want to do business with, click on the names of the top-producing agents in that office. View their production down to their very last deal.

Go even deeper to view the kinds of homes they sell, and the financing they use.

These are the Real Estate Agents you need to connect with. Share a cup of coffee with them while you reveal your vast product mastery. Let them know how you can help them significantly increase their business if they commit to working with you.

Rev up your marketing outreach
https://us.res.keymedia.com/files/image/iStock-815065356%20(500%20x%20334).jpgAgent Intelligence will not only show you the Real Estate Agents you need to be building relationships with, it will also show you every Loan Originator they’re currently working with and the types of loans they’re providing their homebuying clients.

Loan Originators already using Agent Intelligence are taking that information to launch powerful, new outreach campaigns, with more sharply focused presentations that truly resonate with Real Estate Agents. Because, if they’ve done their homework with Agent Intelligence, they know exactly what kinds of programs and services to talk about when they get an audience with these desired real estate partners.

It’s always time well spent.

So, if you’re looking to start or strengthen certain relationships, start with Agent Intelligence – and the money will surely follow.

Visit gogoloai.com for a free demo today!