Country's top originators slated to speak at 2020 Power Originator Summit

by Kasi Johnston19 Feb 2020

When it comes to learning tips and strategies to grow your business, there’s nothing like learning from peers. The list of speakers for the 2020 Power Originator Summit has been released, and the top originator panel features mortgage experts who closed hundreds of millions in volume last year.

The top originator panelists hail from across the country and will talk about the different ways they’ve set themselves apart from thousands of other mortgage professionals, whether it’s through scaling their business, managing market changes, or adapting to new technology.

One of these panelists is Robert Painter, a top producer with New American Funding.

Painter has been a mortgage veteran for over 25 years and is considered one of the most knowledgeable loan originators in the business. He closed $188 million in residential home loans last year and over $1.5 billion throughout his career. Painter has managed to maintain strong relationships with past clients and encourages loyalty among the people he’s worked with in the past; something that many originators admit to struggling with.

“Building a good reputation in the business is how you continue to build your base and keep these relationships. That requires learning about the different loan products, continuously educating yourself and finding your niche,” said Painter.

Joining Robert Painter on the panel for “Power Originating: The Secrets of Scaling” are Austin Lampson, branch manager for Lampson Team at Homeowners Financial Group, and Ryan Grant, co-owner at Art of Homeownership. The panel will be moderated by AFR president Laura Brandao.

Painter’s average transaction is over $1 million in volume, but it wasn’t always big bucks for him from the start. The first decade of his career was a real grind, he shared, and many of his colleagues ended up falling to the wayside.

“I stayed committed during the tough times when everyone else gave up. I stayed with the same company, found my niche and now I’m the non-QM specialist of California,” he said.

Painter is particularly skilled in high-end, expanded guideline financing that requires thinking outside the box. While he admits to losing the occasional deal, he explains it’s because he can’t always offer the best rates when it comes to such specialized funding.

The fact that he has been through his fair share of challenges over the years has been a huge driving force behind today’s success story. “Failure has helped me prosper. With all my experience, I can review your information and I am able to tell you within two minutes the type of loan you’re able to get and deliver that message in a way that is acceptable.”

His best advice to other originators is to focus on your strengths and do the best you can. For him, it’s paying attention to economic indicators, talking with borrowers and walking them through the mortgage process from start to finish.

Painter doesn’t discount the fact that a lot of his success had a lot to do with timing. He was able to build up his client base during a time when home values were on the rise and everyone needed a loan. “There’s always someone who will need money out of their house for capital or wants to buy a new home for a family member. They come to me because they trust me. That’s the niche I created.”

Held in Anaheim, California, the Power Originator Summit proves to be a standout in the sea of workshops, conferences, and networking events that take place across the country this year. Get tips and strategies from the best in the industry at the Power Originator Summit. Register today!