Stay-at-home orders drive demand for 3D home tours

by Candyd Mendoza09 Apr 2020

The number of 3D home tours created on Zillow skyrocketed 188% in March as more and more home buyers, sellers, and agents under stay-at-home orders are turning to technology.   

Zillow's report found that around a quarter of prospective home buyers said they prefer 3D tours to in-person viewing, and almost half said they wish more listings included 3D tours.

In the last week of March alone, 3D tours saw a 408% spike, more than five times higher than a typical week in February. Listings tagged with a 3D home tour option received nearly 50% more site visitors and were saved almost 60% more frequently.

Creation of 3D home tours soared as stay-at-home orders expanded

Multifamily rental listings had the biggest increase in the number of 3D home tours created, up 3,714% during the fourth week of March and up 2,327% over the full month. More tours were created for single-family home rentals as well, up 388% in the last week of March and up 165% month over month.

In just a single day, 3D tours for for-sale homes jumped 269% on March 27. However, it only doubled to 89% month over month and jumped 192% in the last week of March.

Zillow predicts that 3D home tours could become even more prevalent moving forward as sellers target younger generations. Around 37% of Gen-Z and 56% of millennial buyers responded to this kind of tour.