Orchard rolls out iBuying business in Atlanta and Denver

by Candyd Mendoza12 Feb 2020

After closing a recent Series B funding, homebuying platform Orchard has announced plans to expand to the Atlanta and Denver markets.

As part of the launch, Orchard is currently hiring. The company said that it aims to help customers in competitive metros like Atlanta and Denver to buy a home as soon as they can find one with a competitive cash offer.

Orchard’s buy-and-sell service enables customers to purchase their new home before selling their old one. Once the customers have closed on their new home, Orchard will either put the old house for sale or buy it.

"Atlanta and Denver are extremely competitive homebuying markets," said Court Cunningham, co-founder and CEO of Orchard. "As the demand for homes outpaces inventory, Orchard is helping buyers stand out by enabling them to make a cash offer on their new home before selling their current home. We're thrilled to bring Orchard to Atlanta and Denver as a new way to navigate the homebuying landscape. This makes it possible for people in these markets to buy their dream homes while getting top dollar for their current home."