Optimal Blue adds support for non-QM products in its platform

by Candyd Mendoza17 Jul 2019

Optimal Blue has released new search support for two of its mortgage loan products: non-QM and expanded guidelines.

The company added a new expanded guidelines section and embedded nearly 20 filters to all applicable search, profile, and lock forms within its platform to support the specifications of the product. Additionally, Optimal Blue’s platform now evaluates specific housing events, financial outcomes, and other user-defined selections so users can easily search for prices and products.

The added capabilities enable investor clients and lenders to further grow their suite of product offerings, improve accuracy, and get new clients. Lenders can also streamline their workflows and access the non-QM and expanded guidelines product offerings for over 60 investors.

“While only requiring minimal user inputs and established data feeds from leading loan origination systems to automatically pre-populate additional values, Sprout has found Optimal Blue’s non-QM filters to fully support its product line with complete accuracy,” said Sprout Mortgage President Mike Strauss. “As a result of the new non-QM filters, loan officers can put away their makeshift scratch pad notes and, instead, leverage the power of Optimal Blue’s engine to discover those eligible non-QM products that provide borrowers with their lowest cost financing choices.”

“We are proud to offer enhanced expanded guidelines support to our clients,” said Tiffany McGarry, director of client services at Optimal Blue. “These market-leading capabilities further exemplify our continued focus on delivering unique secondary marketing solutions that help our clients differentiate and grow.”