Citadel Servicing named a top mortgage workplace

by Ryan Smith13 Mar 2019

Citadel Servicing Corp. (CSC) keeps moving from strength to strength. Not only has the company done record-breaking business in recent months, it was recently named one of MPA’s top mortgage workplaces for 2019.

“We’re honored to have been named as one of the top 10 mortgage companies to work for in the United States – and to be ranked the number-one non-Prime, non-QM lender to work for in the United States,” said Will Fisher, senior vice president and national sales and marketing director at CSC. “It just goes to show that we’re building a very solid culture here around our principles. Make money, have fun – that’s our vision. Our values are to do the right thing, be profitable, be considerate, and act prudently.”

MPA’s top mortgage workplaces were chosen by employees, who were asked to rate their company on a number of metrics, including benefits, compensation, corporate culture, diversity, and more.

Fisher credited Citadel’s culture and the value it placed on its employees as reasons for the recognition.

“We’re a very straight-ahead culture,” he said. “Because of the type of loans we underwrite, we’re consistently boiling down to get to the heart of the matter – if the borrower can perform. That’s pretty much how we approach all our daily activities here are CSC – to work through all issues in the most prudent way possible, so we can achieve our desired result.”

Fisher said that the company works hard to ensure its employees are given the tools they need to succeed – and to enjoy their jobs.

“We have a learning and development team that’s grown from one individual to multiple individuals and multiple courses – on everything from Excel Level One to loan structuring, management training and appraisal management,” he said. “At CSC it’s all about advancement; for example, we’ve taken quite a few folks from our reception desk and months later you can find them beginning training as transaction managers, junior doc drawers, working towards a funding role. It’s very upward mobile here.” Said Fisher.  “Every month, we recognize standout individuals with an awards ceremony and luncheon. We see the results, and the results are positive. We have a very special crew of individuals who work here at CSC.”