What Most People Don't Look At When Looking At Homes

by 02 Aug 2012

If you are someone who is invested in finding the perfect home for you, you will find that you are going to be looking at a lot of homes. After the eighth house or so, you’ll find that things become a bit of a blur, and it becomes easier to miss things. If you are invested in making sure that the home that you buy is perfect for you, check out the things that most homeowners are likely to miss as they are searching for that dream home!

Easy Access to Transportation

How accessible is the prospective house with regards to the things that you need to get to? This is something that changes for each person. For example, if you work at home, you can easily deal with a house that is off the beaten path and which is only accessible through certain back roads. On the other hand, if you need to be out of the house five of six days a week, you need to think about things like access to the main streets or to a freeway.

Under the Carpet

There is a reason that the phrase “swept under the rug” is such an iconic saying. Carpeting, especially older carpeting in older houses, can hide a lot of difficulties. If you really love a house and you are getting fairly serious about buying it, ask the housing inspector to look under the carpet. In some cases, there is no damage at all, and in other cases, you will find that there have been some serious problems that were overlooked because the carpet was covering it up.

Lifestyle Match

What role do you need your house to play in your life? Of course all houses will give you shelter, but do you want your home to be a project, or do you want it to be ready, present and willing when it comes to your needs? For example, if you are someone who adores remodeling projects, then you may love a quirky Victorian house with plenty of gingerbread trim and antique radiators. On the other hand, if you spend as much time out of your house as in it, consider choosing a more modern home that has less regular maintenance issues.


People think that they have size figured out when they go to look for a home, but the truth is that they don’t. Not only do you have to look at your family the way it is now, you should also look at it the way that it will be in the future. How long are you planning to live in the house, and what will your immediate family need? Are there any older relatives who are planning to move in, and how will that affect things? Make sure that your home is big enough for any changes that might occur.

Length of Time

How long are you planning to be in the house? While some people are prepared to stay in a home for the rest of their lives, other people are more invested in making sure that their houses are ideal for the next few years. If you know that there is a move down the line, keep it in mind as you move forward.


Buying a house is a big job, and if you are ready to make this big decision, you need to go over all the facts.


Amy Burweigh works in marketing and real estate for Aim Your Way. For over 20 years AIM has provided a variety of property services including field services, property inspections and maintenance as well as preservation related services. More information can be found at aimyourway.com


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