Are your online calls to action making the grade?

by Ryan Smith11 Aug 2016
Any mortgage originator who has an online marketing strategy is familiar with online calls to action. And as a mortgage professional, the lead-generating CTA is your bread and butter. Mortgage pricing engine company LoanTek recently offered some advice on getting the most out of online CTAs.

First and foremost, the web page on which your CTA is placed is critical.

“Since only about 2% of website visitors actually click on ads, it is very important to get your CTA in front of as many eyes as possible,” LoanTek states. That means placing your lead-generating CTA button on the individual page on your site that sees the most traffic – likely the homepage.

You also want to consider where on the page to place the CTA, according to LoanTek. Do you place it at the bottom? The top? Left, right or center? While some research suggests that the top right corner is the prime location, LoanTek suggests trying several options and analyzing the click patterns to determine the best place for you.

Of course, the wording of your CTA is vital. “Your copy should utilize active verbs and be short and sweet,” LoanTek advises. “And don’t ever mislead your leads. Your CTA copy should tell them exactly what they will get when they click on it.”

Even button color is a consideration. The CTA button should stand out without being unattractive. “The best and most widely used method is to choose a button color and font color that is composed of complimentary colors to your website color scheme,” LoanTek advises.


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