• Largest Population Increases by MPA

    In terms of sheer numbers, the list of cities who have seen largest population increases contains some more familiar names. New York leads the pack by some distance with a 12-month population increase of 67,058, while second-placed Houston and third-placed LA are practically neck and neck with 34,625 and 34,483 respectively.

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    What mortgage originators need to know?

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    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is suing a Kentucky law firm for allegedly paying illegal kickbacks for mortgage settlement referrals

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    Mortgage brokers took a lot of undeserved heat for the housing meltdown, but consumers need to know that using a broker is still one of the best ways to shop for a mortgage, according to the Washington Post’s real estate columnist

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    The powerful legacy of the financial crisis continues to haunt all financial services firms. One word sums up the sector’s biggest problem and its greatest opportunity. That word is ‘trust,’ argues Omer Soker

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    Here at MPA we're compiling our annual Hot 100 -- our list of this year's movers, shakers and trendsetters in the industry -- and we want your input.


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