HUD secretary stirs pot on Trump sexism claims

by Ryan Smith13 Oct 2016
Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro has entered the political turmoil surrounding Donald Trump with a Facebook post that highlights recent revelations about the Republican presidential nominee’s behavior toward women and girls.

In an entry on his own Facebook page, Castro posted a photo of the front page of the New York Daily News. The main headline referred to a comment Trump made in 1992 that in 10 years he’d be “dating” a girl who was then 10 years old.

“The front page of tomorrow's New York Daily News,” Castro wrote in the post. “So who's still supporting him?”

Castro has made no secret of his dislike of Donald Trump and his support of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton – at times to his own detriment. In July, an ethics panel found that Castro had violated the Hatch Act by making explicitly pro-Clinton statements on the job during an April interview with Katie Couric.


  • by Steve Appel | 10/13/2016 4:48:54 PM

    Castro is only concerned with his job security-why else would he take such a controversial position?
    He must feel that crooked Hillary is a shoe-in at this point otherwise if trump wins he is out in the real world.
    no job- looking for a new job

  • by Perfparjer | 10/13/2016 5:13:36 PM

    The only thing Castro should be concerned with is Hillary did not choose him as a VP running mate. Hillary Holding Her Nose to Hispanics!!!!

  • by objectiv1 | 10/23/2016 12:58:39 AM

    Castro is not above commingling his agenda with his function as HUD secretary. A person with such lack of character should not be occupying the office.
    He needs to be dismissed post-haste.


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