How video may change the mortgage experience

by Francis Monfort22 Dec 2017
CrossMedia’s Unify CRM provides lenders with LOS integration, lead generation and management, contact management and marketing automation. Sales Manager Scott Gabel sat down with MPA to discuss developments at the company and his thoughts about the future of mortgage technology.

MPA: What is new at Cross Media?
Scott Gabel:
The mobile app is rolling out at MBA, which we are pretty excited about. Not that anybody else doesn’t have one, but we feel it has more features in it than your typical mobile app.

My Studio is the virtual video that allows the loan officer to videotape themselves and then send that e-mail to their prospect or client and they can also get it. …They have to get it approved for compliance, but it’s just like getting a regular e-mail or template approved. So it’s very streamlined. Not a lot of issues with that, and video is really taking off

MPA: How do you improve the consumer experience?
We are going to streamline the process for loan officers. … Our system is updated every 15 minutes from the LOS, where most of our competitors update in the middle of the night. … Do you want real-time integration or night-time integration? That’s what’s going to help them.

Our adoption rate for our top clients is about 97%. … The reason (for) that is because there is so much in the system that is valuable to them. They do log in to see the dashboard. The dashboard is just incredible. I come from a different CRM company. Their dashboard wasn’t really anything, so their adoption rate was about 3%, and that’s what I was used to.

MPA: What major trends in mortgage technology space do you expect to emerge next year?
More of digital mortgage, more of everyone trying to just do everything online. I see that’s where they are going. I don’t think anybody has finalized it or really perfected it, but I also see that’s also the trend, where everybody wants to do it.

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