Here's why real estate agents should use video

by Steve Randall01 Dec 2017
Video is the hot medium right now and for real estate agents it can make the difference when it comes to maximizing selling prices.

Broker Bob Reinmuth says that there are three keys to using video to increase value in the real estate industry and emotion plays an important role.

“Real estate marketing is not just about supplying a need; it is about generating emotion,” he says. “Emotion then creates more value in a home, and a buyer will pay more for it.”

The owner of Acquire Homes of Colorado Springs says that there are many ways that using video can help with sales and getting the best price and getting exposure for clients is the key.

“Video production is essential for getting more exposure, particularly for people who live out of state or country, and selling for top dollar,” stresses Reinmuth. “In some cases, buyers who are relocating have purchased ‘site unseen’ just because of the video production.”

He adds that Google and other search engines are prioritizing video in search results.

“If a Realtor is not paying for video production, they are costing their client thousands of dollars in price,” concludes Reinmuth. “If a picture says a thousand words, a video says ten thousand words.”

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