Homebot connects lenders and clients with new tool

by Candyd Mendoza12 Feb 2020

Homebot has added a tool to the Homebot PRO service to help lenders in delivering real estate listings to their clients.

The client-engagement platform has recently partnered with Ylopo, a marketing and technology company, to create a new home search functionality.

In addition, the tool allows lenders to connect first-time home buyers and current homeowners to any one of their real estate agent partners through its client-for-life portal. The home search can also be integrated between the lender’s and its client’s Homebot PRO platform.

"From renting to dreaming to buying to selling, home search is an important tool for consumers throughout the lifecycle of homeownership," said Homebot CEO Ernie Graham.  "Now, our lender customers can effortlessly give it to their Homebot clients and collaborate more closely with their agent partners."