Cloudvirga announces integration with Envoy Mortgage

by Candyd Mendoza11 Oct 2019

Envoy Mortgage has integrated with Cloudvirga’s digital mortgage platform as part of its efforts to modernize its mortgage loan application process.

Envoy Mortgage said it aims to cut costs, increase transparency, and reduce closing times by half through the partnership.

“We are excited that Envoy Mortgage has chosen to partner with Cloudvirga for a highly-automated loan manufacturing experience to help further increase the efficiency of its loan originators,” said Cloudvirga Chief Executive Officer Dan Sogorka. “We look forward to supporting Envoy Mortgage’s commitment to enabling consumers to find the best possible loan options and close them quickly and effortlessly.”

“This commitment, along with an internal process redesign, will result in a true transformation, positioning us very well for the future,” Envoy Mortgage Chief Information Officer Dan Mulberry said. “It ensures our loan originators can provide referral sources and borrowers an awesome experience from start to finish. The platform also guides consumers through an intelligent workflow that automatically populates the loan application and starts verifying borrower data immediately for a uniquely streamlined experience.”