Clear Capital debuts its new modern appraisal program

by Candyd Mendoza23 Apr 2019

Clear Capital, a real estate valuation, analytics, and platform tech provider, has launched its Modern Appraisal Program, which helps lenders in completing origination loan transactions.

"Our Modern Appraisal Program is the result of years of building strong partnerships with lenders and the GSEs, countless hours of research and tech development, and a dedication to pioneering the future of real estate valuation," said Jeff Allen, executive vice president of valuation strategy at Clear Capital. "The combination of our rigorous certification program, easy-to-use mobile app, team of highly trained data collectors, and meticulous quality control makes Clear Capital's Modern Appraisal Program stand out from the rest."

The program uses the company’s mobile app, ClearInspect, to help appraisers, agents, brokers, and other data collectors navigate through a property data collection process. The results can then be delivered customers, government-sponsored enterprises, and appraisers who might perform a desktop valuation based on the collected property data.

Both appraisers and non-appraisers can use the modern appraisal program in the property data collection process, according to Clear Capital. It is live across the US and has been used to complete thousands of transactions per month.

"The ongoing technology, data, and process investments we make to support lenders, investors, and their customers made it possible to adapt our lean valuation manufacturing processes for appraisal modernization," Clear Capital President Kevin Marshall said. "In fact, we've been performing pilots and refining tools and methods for more than two years on thousands of loans. With the entire lending industry moving toward the full digital mortgage, now is the time for thoughtful evolution in the appraisal space."