Ellie Mae lists Clear Capital as early adopter of Encompass Partner Connect

Moves towards modernizing appraisal process to reduce cost

Ellie Mae lists Clear Capital as early adopter of Encompass Partner Connect

Clear Capital, a real estate valuation, analytics, and platform technology provider, has adopted Ellie Mae’s Encompass Partner Connect to automate service ordering.

The integration enables easy ordering, integrated management of the appraisal process and automated service ordering. Adopting the Encompass Partner Connect APIs eliminates the “need for lenders to click buttons while also reducing cost and improving efficiency,” according to Clear Capital.

"We're excited about what's possible because of our mutual use of modern technology," said Kenon Chen, executive vice president of strategic partnerships at Clear Capital. "Clear Capital is leading the way in modern appraisal solutions through our analytics, inspection technology, and proven success with bifurcated and hybrid appraisals. We see Ellie Mae's platform as a strategic partner for making it simpler for lenders to streamline the valuation process and adopt appraisal modernization and waiver programs in the future, all of which will reduce time, cost, and improve the home-buying experience in a tight margin environment. As a trusted solution provider to investors and the largest lenders, we see the Ellie Mae partnership as an important partnership."

The integration will be available on both the current and the next-generation Encompass platform. In addition, It was designed to connect with ClearCollateral, Clear Capital’s valuation review platform. This will give Encompass users the option to streamline collateral underwriting, manage orders and providers.

"We are thrilled that Clear Capital is an early adopter of Encompass Partner Connect," said Parvesh Sahi, Ellie Mae senior vice president of business development. "This partnership is a testament to both organizations to build, deploy, and innovate appraisal and service ordering solutions and to make them easily accessible to our broad network of lenders. Together, we are delivering on the promise of a true digital mortgage."